Our work

Our core responsibilities and projects

The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation was established in 2011 and has been working on its first projects since 2012. It is important to the Greenfinity that Lyoness itself contributes to improving the environment and thus internal processes are being ecologically improved. Apart from these internal improvements the Greenfinity Foundation implements several local, regional and international climate protection projects. At the centre is environmental protection. Because of this the Foundation invests in innovative climate protection projects and the development of new technologies in the area of renewable energies is being promoted. The emissions compensated through the projects are being considered when determining the footprint and will continuously minimise it over the years.


Minimising in-house resources

The first project of the Greenfinity Foundation is Lyoness itself. Within the company a sustainable climate strategy is being developed and internal processes are being ecologically improved. In order to determine and measure all environmental impacts caused by the company a calculator for the ecological footprint was developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Graz.

Projects to support

Supporting people in need is very important to the Foundation and because of this it tries to help these people by means of innovative climate protection projects and make their daily life easier. Here the Greenfinity also cooperates with the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.

The project "One m² of photovoltaic per student" is the first cooperative project of the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation and the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation. With this projects both Foundations want to promote environmental protection on a regional level and especially raise future generations’ awareness of this topic. Raising children’s awareness of the topic of environmental protection, of alternative energies and energy efficiency is one of the main goals of the project. In order to achieve this the Greenfinity Foundation cooperates with four elementary schools in the "Vulkanland" area in Styria, which are provided by Lyoness with one m² of photovoltaic per student for free. A display panel in the entrance areas of the schools shows the current production capacity of their photovoltaic system.
The emissions saved by these non-profit projects will be considered regarding Lyoness’ footprint.

Gainful projects

In order to be able to implement additional projects the Greenfinity GmbH will carry out innovative climate-friendly projects which are gainful. With the earnings further environmental projects will be financed exclusively. These projects are mainly concerned with alternative methods of generating energy.