In keeping with the Lyoness Group’s commitment to CSR and sustainability, the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) was established in 2011. This charitable organization is committed to sustainable environmental protection, realizes innovative climate protection projects across the globe, and campaigns for the use of renewable energies. It has already been possible to put into effect over 25 climate protection projects in 20 different countries since 2012. These include the installation of photovoltaic systems for schools on three continents, reforestation projects in Austria, Germany and Nicaragua, as well as the promotion of alternative power generation in India. Greenfinity also believes it is important that a contribution to improving the environment be made by Lyoness itself and it is with that in mind that Greenfinity endeavors to improve internal processes from an environmental perspective. The objective of the Greenfinity Foundation is to reduce the negative impact people have on our environment by way of innovative climate protection projects and to protect the environment in a sustainable manner.

GFF Magazine 2017:
2016 was an eventful year for the Greenfinity Foundation, in which numerous projects were successfully implemented. We are therefore very pleased to to be able to inform you of the latest news and pictures in the newest issue of the Greenfinity Foundation Online Magazine.

>>Greenfinity Magazine: Edition 2017 read now

GFF Magazine 2015:
The new Greenfinity foundation online magazine will be available on a regular basis to all of our Sponsors and those interested in the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF). The magazine will keep you up-to-date with information about the Lyoness Foundation's global environmental projects. In accordance with our guiding principle "Together for our world. A future together.", the GFF continues to organise projects in the areas of sustainable environmental protection, supporting renewable energy and species conservation.

>>Greenfinity Magazine: Edition 01/2015 read now
>>Greenfinity Magazine: Edition 02/2015 read now

GFF Magazine 2014:
The Greenfinity Foundation Magazine will continue to be published once a year (at the end of November) as a printed edition.
>>Greenfinity Magazine: Edition 01/2014 read now

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