Summer Clean-Up in Prague City Park

To ensure that visitors to the Prague city park can continue to enjoy it's beauty, a clean-up campaign took place on 16 June 2017.  Approximately 20 volunteers took part.
In cooperation with a local environment facility, Lyoness and the Greenfinity Foundation organised a joint clean-up in the Czech capital city.  Numerous dedicated employees, Marketers and local residents all joined in with enthusiasm to clear the local park of unwanted rubbish.
The Confidential Clerk of the Czech Lyoness Regional Office, Andrea Trojanov√°, was thrilled with the campaign: "It was a useful campaign, and allowed our employees, Marketers and Cooperation Partner from SK Slavia Praha to get to know each other better at the same time.  Everyone was in good spirits and decided on the the spot to support other similar campaigns in the future - and not just in Prague!"
The clean-up campaign in the Czech Republic was a huge success.  It was also an important step in the right direction, as it made many people more aware of environment protection.  In addition, the campaign also succeeded in allowing the park to show it's natural beauty and to be enjoyed once more.
The Greenfinity Foundation would like to thank everyone for their amazing support!