My Footprint - Explanation

Regardless of what we do, we always have an impact on nature. We consume resources and produce both greenhouse gases and waste. Researchers refer to these human impacts on the environment using the vivid concept of an "ecological footprint". It indicates how many hectares of productive land our planet has to provide in order to supply resources for an individual person, a company or a whole country.

Especially daily mobility causes a large amount of emissions. Caused environmental impacts can be reduced by changing mobility behaviour (change to bicycles or public transport), because unfortunately we cannot completely give up using vehicles, planes or raw materials.

So, what can every one of us do to behave in a more climate neutral way and to take responsibility for one’s caused environmental impacts?

Support Greenfinity’s reforestation projects with your contribution and thereby compensate your ecological footprint!


Greenfinity gives the opportunity to compensate your personal ecological footprint by supporting reforestation projects in Germany and Nicaragua. Your footprint will not be extinguished, but supporting the GFF’s projects will contribute to re-establishing an ecological balance.

What is the concrete impact of the GFF’s projects on your personal ecological footprint?

By reforesting obsolete areas wood can be gained which can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels, such as fuel oil or kerosene. Thus, Greenfinity promotes the use of renewable resources and reduces CO2-emissions. Furthermore, afforestation creates habitats for animals and plants and biodiversity will be restored. Additionally, forestry is an important economic factor which is responsible for the creation of many jobs, both nationally and internationally.

How can I make a contribution to reforestation?

You can make a valuable contribution to reforesting certain areas by financially supporting Greenfinity. Determine your ecological footprint and thereby support our reforestation projects.


Determine your ecological footprint!
Ecological footprint