Mobility Lyoness

Sustainable mobility at Lyoness

Project description

Lyoness is aware of its social responsibility and therefore tries to ecologically optimise the Lyoness group’s locations and processes. On order to minimize the ecological footprint of Lyoness also internal measures must be taken.

A sustainable CO₂-free mobility concept for short-distance transport was developed because the area of mobility has a large impact on the environment.

Thus a photovoltaic “filling” station producing pure solar energy was installed at the company location in Graz. This is a pioneer project for innovations in the areas of sustainable mobility as well as energy production and use. It is important to Lyoness that its employees can be mobile more easily and more ecologically. But the project is also intended to raise awareness and to root the topic of E-mobility in society. Another goal is to also show other companies how important E-mobility is so that many projects like this can be carried out.

In order to ensure sustainable mobility for our employees which does not cause any emissions, a photovoltaic “filling” station including ten recharging stations for E-bikes and E-scooters was built. In addition, E-bikes and E-scooter were bought which our employees are free to use. So, errands can be made and the distance between the company’s locations can be covered more easily, cost-efficiently and quickly.

The distance between the two company locations in Graz can be passed during rush hour more quickly by using an E-bike than by using a car. Besides, no parking fees have to be paid.

Technical data of the photovoltaic “filling” station:

  • All employees have access to the station via mobile phone or RFID-card (chip-card) and have the opportunity to recharge their E-bikes or to rent E-bikes for free.
  • 10 E-bikes can be recharged at the same time.
  • At sunshine 3.2 kW can be taken directly from the modules or 5 kW (15 kW on a short-term basis) from the battery.
  • 75% of the E-bike’s battery can be charged within an hour.
  • The station is protected from rain and vandalism because of a glazing.
  • The E-bikes can be put back to the station after dark easily and safely because of an automatic lighting system.

In future this sustainable mobility concept will be implemented and extended at further company locations.

Project Goals

  • errands can be made and the distance between the company’s locations can be covered more easily, cost-efficiently and quickly
  • using alternative energies
  • minimising CO₂-emissions
  • positive impact on the employees’ health and fitness
  • raising awareness for E-mobility
  • establish E-mobility and exemplary project for other companies

Project Location

Graz planned extension to other company locations

Project Period

From August 2012


The costs of building the photovoltaic “filling” station and for buying the E-bikes and E-scooter are covered entirely by the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. Maintenance costs are also covered by the Foundation.