School project in the “Vulkanland” area in Styria “One m² of photovoltaic per student”

Project description

The project “One m² of photovoltaic per student” is the first major project of the Lyoness Greenfinity foundation. The foundation wants to promote environmental protection on a regional level and above all raise future generations’ awareness of this topic. Especially raising children’s awareness of environmental protection, alternative forms of energy and energy efficiency are major goals of the project. This will be supported by a display panel in the entrance areas of the schools informing students and teachers about the current production capacity of “their” photovoltaic system. Photovoltaic systems significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gases because they cause low emissions and use the sunlight in order to produce energy. Alternative energies, such as solar energy, have to be used more frequently in order to cut emissions.

Project Goals

  • promoting environmental protection on a regional level
  • raising students’ and their parents’ awareness of environmental protection, alternative energies and energy efficiency
  • reducing emissions of CO₂

Project Location

“Vulkanland” area in Styria in the southeast of Austria

Project Period

February 2012 to September 2012


The systems are being financed by the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation 100%. The saving certificates will be signed over to Lyoness in return. They will be used to compensate and minimise Lyoness’ total ecological footprint.

Covenantee Group

More than 600 students at three eastern Styrian schools.

Project Partner

The project will be supported by the “Lokale Energieagentur LEA GmbH” (local energy agency LEA GmbH).

Concrete Realisation

Three elementary schools in the “Vulkanland” area in Styria will be equipped with photovoltaic systems. They are the elementary schools in:

  • Fehring
  • Gnas
  • Markt Hartmannsdorf
The following thing will be implemented:

Greenfinity Foundation: photovoltaic system the size of one m² per student display panel to raise awareness It is planned to have completed the systems at the beginning of the school year 2012/2013. There will be an opening ceremony together with the schools.

The size of the system will be calculated depending on the number of students and the generated electricity shall be mainly used by the schools for their purposes. Overproduction will be fed into the network for now.