Lower Austria

Donations for the “Generationenwald” (generations’ forest) in Purkersdorf

Project description

The “Generationenwald” (generations’ forest) in Purkersdorf (Lower Austria) is a sustainable reforestation project. Pupils create a forest, maintain it and thereby make it useful for future generations. The “Genrationenwald” (generations’ forest) is a mixed forest the size of approx. one hectare which consists of oak, maple, ash tree, fir tree and larch. Among other things, the pupils “adopt” a tree that had been planted. They perform measurements, analyse results and take part in all processes from reforestation to usage of the wood. On 26th June 2013 the project was honoured as UNESCO Decade Project.
The Greenfinity supported the project with donations, which had been collected at the Lyoness Open powered by Greenfinity in Atzenbrugg from 6th to 9th June. One Euro per each car parked at the event benefited the project.

Project Goals

  • creating a forest as an important supplier of resources (substitute for oil, kerosene and lignite)
  • wasteland will be revived
  • creating habitats for plants and animals
  • forests as an important part in stabilising global climate
  • restoration of biodiversity
  • raising pupils’ awareness

Project Location

Purkersdorf, Lower Austria

Project Period

June 2013 - September 2013

Project Partner

Nature Park Purkersdorf, 165 pupils from Purkersdorf – from the primary school, secondary school, grammar school and the special educational centre – aged from 7 to 15, “BWF - Bundeforschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für Wald, Naturgefahren und Landschaften” (Federal Research and Education Centre of Forests, Natural Hazards and Landscapes).