Philippines II

Healthy nutrition because of organic growing at the San Roque Elementary School – a Gardening Project by the Greenfinity Foundation

Project description

85 pupils at the San Roque Elementary School suffer from malnutrition, 35 out of those suffer from “wasting”, which is the most serious form of malnourishment. Most of the children come from very poor backgrounds and their performances at school as well as their health are affected in a negative way by the bad nutritional situation. This pupils take part in the “Health and Nutrition Program” established by the Child and Family Foundation, which guarantees them breakfast and essential vitamins.
Especially fresh vegetables are important when it comes to a balanced diet. But the soil in the area where the San Roque Elemantary School is located is not very fertile due to the high portion of salt and sand and many people cannot afford to buy expensive fertilisers. Moreover, chemical fertilisers have a negative impact on the environment because beneficial organisms are being killed.
This is why the Greenfinity Foundation provides for an organic school garden including compost and natural pest control. With the support of the Department of Agriculture greenhouses and an irrigation system will be built and also vermicomposting will be used. The harvest will be used to provide the school with fresh vegetables which thus no longer have to be bought. Further, the garden contributes to establishing food security. In the event of surplus, surplus vegetables can be sold and create an additional income for the school. Also low-income families will receive vegetables from the school garden.
Pupils, teachers and parents will receive trainings in how to create an organic garden. The families can apply the acquired knowledge at home and thus improve their nutritional situation. During the initial phase of the project the Greenfinity will donate seeds so that the families can create their own gardens. On a long-term basis the gardens shall be managed sustainably, which means that seeds should be taken from the previous harvest.
Greenfinity attaches great importance to sustainable management of the gardens and to the fact that they are entirely organic. Its goals are that the cultivation method will be passed on continuously by means of technology transfer and that damages to the environment caused by chemical production and overfertilisation will be counteracted step by step.

Project Goals

  • Achieving food security (fruits and vegetables from the school garden will benefit the “Health and Nutrition Program”; nutrient-rich vegetables will be grown → positive impact on children’s health)
  • Sustainability, no chemical fertilisers, reduction of costs
  • After a three-year support period the gardens can be managed autonomously by the school and the families
  • Additional value for parents (low-income families receive vegetables from the school garden)
  • Raising awareness in the entire area (transfer of know-how, workshops; school garden = training garden; families shall create their own organic gardens at home)
  • Additional value for the school (selling surplus)

Project Location

Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Project Period

November 2013 – December 2016


The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation covers all costs of building the garden, of the seeds and of the workshops.

Covenantee Group

  • 85 pupils who take part in the “Health and Nutrition Program”
  • 470 families whose children attend San Roque Elementary School (all parents and teachers have the opportunity to attend workshops on the topic of “organic gardening”)

Project Partner

Lyoness Child & Family Foundation
Dapartment of Agriculture, Philippines
San Roque Elementary School