Lower Austria

Nature Park Purkersdorf – preservation of biodiversity

Project description

Nature Park Purkersdorf is an area of nature and recreation near Vienna. The protection of biodiversity is of great importance at the Nature Park Purkersdorf. This topic is also at the heart of the Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) and Lyoness’ environmental foundation has therefore provided sustainable support for several of the Nature Park’s small projects during the course of this year.
One of these projects supported by the GFF is the expansion of the forest biotope within the Nature Park. By planting selected regional trees, it is possible to preserve an ideal habitat for protected animal and plant species, such as the yellow-bellied toad which lives in this area. The forest biotope is also an area of recreation and rest for the visitors of the Nature Park.
In addition, with the help of pupils from the Nature Park School Purkersdorf the insect hotel was renewed and filled with the respective material, in order to provide a suitable home for even the forest’s smallest creatures.
By pollinating plants, bees make a considerable contribution towards biodiversity. Therefore, 10 beehives have already been set up in a forest clearing at the Nature Park. On the one hand, this is an attempt to counteract any colony collapse disorder; on the other hand, it enables visitors to learn more about bees in the course of training sessions and workshops. The GFF has assumed sponsorship for one of these beehives for the duration of one bee year.
The Generation Forest is embedded in the Nature Park Purkersdorf. It is a mixed forest, approximately one hectare in size, composed of oak trees, maple trees, ash trees, fir trees and larch trees, which was planted and maintained by pupils in order to be at hand for generations to come. In the course of this sustainable reforestation project, pupils from surrounding schools assumed sponsorship for one particular planted tree. They took measurements, evaluated the results and were also involved in all processes, from reforestation to the final use of the timber. On 26.06.2013, this project was awarded the “Decade Project” status by UNESCO.
For the purpose of sustainability, the Nature Park team and the pupils regularly carry out examinations and plant new trees in order to ensure the forest’s existence on a long-term basis.

Project Goals

  • protecting natural habitats for animals and plants
  • providing habitats and areas for recreation
  • forestation as an important factor for the stabilisation of our climate
  • preserving biodiversity
  • planting a forest as an important provider of raw materials
  • environmental education for pupils and inhabitants of this region

Project Location

Purkersdorf, Lower Austria

Project Period

June 2016 – June 2017


The Greenfinity Foundation supports the project mainly through donations made in the course of the Lyoness Open powered by Sporthilfe Cashback Card 2016 in Atzenbrugg.

Covenantee Group

50 pupils aged 7 to 15 from the Nature Park School Purkersdorf (special needs school), approximately 1,000 pupils from Vienna and Lower Austria in the course of educational adventure tours through the forest as well as approximately 25,000 visitors of the Nature Park per year

Project Partner

Nature Park Purkersdorf in cooperation with LACON (Landscape Planning and Consulting)

Photo credit:
Naturpark Purkersdorf
Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation