Clean water by means of solar energy

Project description

Nigeria, the most densely populated country in Africa, is often host to extreme shortages due to the ethnical conflicts between the Muslim north and the Christian/Animist south. Unlike many other countries, it is not a matter of course for the children in Nigeria to go to school. The native-born Nigerian Amina Zwindila didn't wish to accept this state of affiars and therefore decided to initiate a private school project, in order to grant poor children in need of protection access to an education. Since January 2012, the Amila Zwindila Foundation School, which currently holds 350 children, has been supported by the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation.
The school's upkeep as well as the running costs are a great financial challenge. For this reason, the Greenfinity Foundation helped support the school by building a well. The well is ever so important as the school is situated on the Jos plateau - a very dry region in Nigeria where the effects of the climate change can be strongly felt.
The well was constructed on the school grounds and is being operated by a solar pump. As no diesel is needed for the generator's operation, costs which would have arisen through the use of a conventional pump could now be saved. Due to the severe drought and the low-lying ground water level, the well must reach more than 100 metres into the ground.
The well's construction is an important asset for the school in many respects. Firstly, water for the school's daily operation (for drinking, cleaning and for sanitation facilities such as toilets and sinks, etc.) no longer needs to be purchased. Secondly, the excess water can be sold cheaply to the community, which generates an additional income that benefits both the school and its students - this is an important step in establishing the school's independence.

Project Goals

  • To secure the school's water supply
  • To avoid diseases caused by contaminated water
  • To preserve vegetation and biodiversity
  • To enable the cultivation of fruit, vegetables, etc.
  • Saving costs for the school and securing additional income by selling the clean water.

Project Location

Jos, Nigeria

Project Period

November 2016 – February 2018

Covenantee Group

About 350 children from Jos and its surrounding regions