Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation

Regardless of what we do, we always have an impact on nature. We consume resources and produce both greenhouse gases and waste. The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation aims to counteract this and for this reason since 2012 has been committed to re-establishing nature’s balance – according to its guiding principle “Together for our world. A future together”.

One of the main goals is to make a major contribution to reducing negative environmental impacts and to maintaining natural habitats by implementing numerous environmental protection projects. Another important goal is to position Lyoness as model company when it comes to environmental protection and to effectively improve the environmental situation.

Every project submitted to the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation online via submission form must comply with the following criteria in order to ensure a fair assessment and the processing of the project.


It is essential to the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation to pursue an integrated and sustainable approach with all projects in accordance with its guiding principle “Together for our world. A future together”.

The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation regards it as its main responsibility to support climate and environmental protection projects which pursue the following goals:

  • Strengthening awareness of environmental protection and energy saving
  • Use of alternative sources of energy
  • Reducing the greenhouse effect
  • Maintaining endangered habitats for future generations
  • Exploring new technologies in the areas of climate protection and renewable energies


The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation mainly supports:
  • Groups, communities, associations, self-help groups, cooperative societies, organisations executing environmental projects, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)


All projects submitted must be charitable. Single individuals or private companies cannot be supported. Also, sponsor activities cannot be carried out through the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation.


Projects can be submitted to the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation using the online form available on the website The form is available in German and English.

To be eligible, the following must be provided:
  • Information about the person submitting the project (name, address, date of birth, contact details, name of the association/NGO the person works for; the Lyoness ID number is not a mandatory field)
  • Information about the project (project title, location, time frame, project description, description of the initial situation, project objectives, long-term use, project budget, beneficiaries and number of beneficiaries)
  • Additional documents or photos may also be submitted along with the form
Each project will undergo an initial check in accordance with the above stated criteria. If the project submitted meets these criteria, detailed information on the project will be requested from the person who submitted the project.

These are:
  • Description of the current situation/reason for submitting the project 
  • Detailed description of project goals
  • Procedure when implementing the project
  • Detailed information about the beneficiaries 
  • Detailed information about the project location 
  • Detailed information about the person submitting the project
  • Financial needs, cost planning and budgeting
  • Detailed project plan 
Additional documents or photos can be uploaded.


The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation's Board exclusively decides about projects and the provision of funds. After the Board has approved a project, a general agreement will be negotiated between the person submitting the project/project partner (association, NGO or other) and the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. It contains a detailed project description, the definition of the goal, the estimated time frame, the budget, the payment interval as well as the rights and obligations of both parties.

The person submitting the project/project partner (association, NGO or the like) is required to continuously report about the current project status, (provide up-to-date photos as well as a detailed documentation about the use of funds). The project's progress will be monitored by a regulatory body appointed by the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation and the project site will be visited.