Projects Partner

TU Graz

The Institute of Process and Particle Engineering of Graz University of Technology provides the scientific know how for calculating the Lyoness group’s ecological footprint.
It was one of the first academic institutions in Austria to conduct intensive and systematic research work into sustainable development at the start of the 1990s.

Prof. Dr. Michael Narodoslawsky’s team developed an ecological evaluation system for the Lyoness locations, events and projects on a scientific basis on behalf of the Greenfinity Foundation. Evaluation is based on the Sustainable Process Index (SPI®), a special method which makes it possible to calculate the ecological footprint. The TU Graz’s evaluation system does not only take CO2-emissions into account but also many other areas in which humans have an impact on the environment.


Lokale Energieagentur LEA GmbH

The Lokale Energieagentur LEA GmbH (local energy agency LEA GmbH) is the second project partner of the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation. The eastern Styrian company and energy competence centre supports the Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation in implementing its sustainability initiative. Further, ecologically compatible energy projects, such as in the area of photovoltaics, are being realised together.

„…because we take energy one step further…" is the motto of local energy agency Lokalen Energieagentur LEA GmbH. As a result, this company based in eastern Styria focuses on solid energy expertise. The most successful private energy agency across Austria, it offers integral solutions not just to save energy but also to utilise renewable energies. Its services range from advisory and strategy development through research & development to studies, specific planning services and assistance with implementing projects.
As an energy competence centre, LEA GmbH will be supporting Lyoness in carrying out ambitious sustainability initiatives. Starting with a master plan they will be working together with the Greenfinity team to prepare climate-neutral events that optimise Lyoness business locations both from an ecological perspective and in terms of energy use, as well as organise energy projects that have an environmental benefit. The challenging aspect of this work is not just neutralising CO2 emissions but also making sure that decisions and projects in all activities have an optimal effect on the environment. Thus the topic of sustainability is being implemented as part of the everyday work of Lyoness, fulfilling the philosophy of the Greenfinity Foundation.