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Provide water for Bahia

In the state of Bahia the people and their animals do not have enough water to survive because of severe draught. Your donation goes to the well project in Brazil. Thereby you help with ensuring water supply for 8 more families and provide a livelihood for the people.

A well can be built for already 500 Euros.*
*If you donate an entire well, a tag bearing your name will be placed near it.

Find detailed information on the project here.

Make Lyoness forests grow

Fallow and infertile land is reforested with native tree species in order to counteract climate change and the excessive use of non-renewable resources. Your donation specifically benefits the reforestation project in Germany and/or Nicaragua.
For 1 Euro you make 1 m2 of forest grow in Germany or 5 m2 in Nicaragua.

Find detailed information on the project here.

Help grow a garden against hunger and for our environment


The children in the area surrounding the San Roque Elementary School have long been suffering from undernourishment and malnutrition. This is partly because the soil in the area lacks fertility due to high levels of salt and excessive levels of sand. Your donation specifically benefits the gardening project in the Philippines where organic fruits and vegetables are being grown to help the people affected by these conditions.
For only 25 Euros you provide a family on the Philippine island Leyte with an organic garden including organic fertilizers, seeds, seedlings and vermicomposting.

Find detailed information on the project here.